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Profile of Victory Project 156 engine, courtesy of Roland Sands Instagram

Best Photo Yet of Victory’s Project 156 Sport Engine (Updated With Latest Project 156 Video)

[ad-right] As we reported earlier, Victory has two race bikes under development, including an electric bike for the Isle of Man, and the Project 156 bike that is gas powered and will be piloted by CycleWorld’s Don Canet at Pikes Peak. MD just found the above photo of the Project 156 v-twin engine on the […]


What Happened to the Korean Invasion? Hyosung Promises Several New Models

Not a few industry observers expected Korean manufacturers to take a sizable bite of U.S. motorcycle market share, just as they had done in the automobile industry. We speculated about this 10 years ago, ourselves. It didn’t happen, but Korean manufacturer Hyosung promises to introduce several new models over the next two years, including at […]


With Victory Already Racing Two Distinctly Different Sport Bikes (Albeit, “Prototypes”) Is There Any Question About the Company’s Ambitions? We Don’t Think So.

We’ve already reported on the Project 156 ICE powered Pikes Peak racer, which CycleWorld editor Don Canet will pilot at the iconic mountain climb this year under Victory badging, and you may have heard it reported that Victory is also racing the Isle of Man this year with an electric superbike. These projects represent no small […]

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