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Indian Introduces New Roadmaster: Luxury Touring Returns to the Historic Brand

With the 2015 Roadmaster, Indian goes all in for luxury touring. Details are in the press release below, but there isn’t much missing from the list of luxury features, including nearly 38 gallons of weatherproof storage, power windscreen, heated seats and grips, tire pressure monitoring, Bluetooth, and “advanced infotainment system” including stereo, phone and Pandora […]


Polaris Unveils the Slingshot: A Three-Wheeler With Impressive Specifications (with video)

Polaris calls the Slingshot a three-wheel motorcycle, and your local DMV will require you to license it as one. With no airbags and helmet use mandatory in most states, the Slingshot promises to offer similar exhilaration to that found on a superbike. No, the Slingshot does not have the power-to-weight ratio of a superbike, but […]


You Can Buy Wayne Rainey’s Title Winning 1990 Yamaha YZR 500 for $170,000

Are you still dreaming about owning a two-stroke 500cc GP race bike? A German collector has offered for sale a 1990 Yamaha YZR 500 works racer used by Wayne Rainey to take his first of three 500 GP titles. Here is the link with the details. Just a heads up to our wealthy readers … […]

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