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2014 Honda CBR650F: MD Ride Review

Asking somebody if they ever had a CBR600F2 is like asking if they’ve ever tried McDonald’s fries or flown in a 737. Just ask what year or color, because when it comes to sportbikes, I can’t think of many that rival the F2’s mix of handling, performance, reliability and value, which is why everyone I […]


SWM and the Simple Single: More Thoughts

We have spent years watching manufacturer after manufacturer invest huge amounts of money into the development of American-style cruisers. Purposely eschewing state-of-the-art technology for air-cooled, pushrod designs. After all, this is what cruiser customers wanted. Low tech. What about motorcyclists who don’t care about cruiser styling, but still want simple, basic designs? Maybe they form […]


Don’t Try This Anywhere: Robbie Maddison Attacks Utah Olympic Park

It is not likely that you can ride like Robbie Maddison, but watching this video should get your juices flowing … the power and grace of a big single cylinder supermoto under one of the world’s best riders. Maddison set a jump record where he launches off the Olympic ski jump ramp, traveling a distance […]


Royal Enfield Gets Terblanche as it Develops a New Engine and North American Expansion Plans

The sun never set on the British Empire, until, of course, it did. We must face the fact that the United States is no longer the gravitating forceĀ in the motorcycle industry. Is it India? Perhaps. Royal Enfield is the oldest motorcycle manufacturer on the planet. It is currently owned by the India-based Eicher Group (since […]

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