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Motorcycle News, Editorials, Product Reviews and Bike Reviews

Will Shoulder Surgery Change the Way Marc Marquez Rides? (With Videos)

Does Marc Marquez almost routinely save crashes using his elbow, or even his shoulder? Yes. Does Marc Marquez crash more than any other MotoGP rider? Yes. Has Marc Marquez said that he crashes frequently because he is always “exploring the limit”? Yes. As we reported, Marquez underwent very serious surgery on his left shoulder in […]

Ducati and Automakers Demonstrate C-V2X Technology at CES Show

If you don’t like the prospect of a wirelessly interconnected future, you might not want to read the following press release. Ducati, Ford and Audi participated in a demonstration of C-V2X communications at the CES Show in Las Vegas earlier this week. In essence, this technology aims to make vehicles, both cars and motorcycles, aware […]

Harley-Davidson LiveWire Pricing Announced – In U.S. Dealers This Fall

Several years after MD rode a prototype, the Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle is finally coming to U.S. dealerships this Fall with an MSRP of $29,799. Harley claims a 0-60 MPH time of under 3.5 seconds and 110 miles of battery range riding “urban roads”. Here are all the details from Harley, along with information on […]

Why So Fickle? Lorenzo Goes From Almost Unemployable to Marquez-Challenger in Less Than Five Months

It struck me this morning that MotoGP, and perhaps sports in general, can epitomize the “What have you done for me lately?” attitude much more than most business environments. It has been said before, but Jorge Lorenzo’s past year has been quite remarkable. Prior to his win at Mugello on June 3, 2018, after he […]

2019 Honda CRF450L: MD Ride Review, Part 1

How long have we been waiting for Honda to take its glorious 449cc Unicam single from its motocross bike and stick it into a street-legal dual sport? Not sure, exactly, but it has been well over a decade. Content to let others (most notably, KTM) occupy this space, Honda took its sweet time. Enter the […]

Lorenzo Talks About His Repsol Honda Ride

Although he was allowed to test twice last year, following the final race, Jorge Lorenzo was barred from talking about his switch from Ducati to Honda until January 1 of this year. Right on time, Honda has released a video containing an interview with Lorenzo – discussing his new bike and team. You can see […]

The Slow Death of the Sportbike Market, and Why It is Not a Surprise

We saw an excellent article on the Cycle World website earlier today about the apparent decision by Suzuki to discontinue the iconic GSX-R750 (sales of this model will continue in the U.S. market next year, but European sales have ended thanks to strict emission standards, and the cost of bringing a model into compliance with […]

Self-Driving Cars May Not Always See Motorcycles – Another Thing to Worry About?

As illustrated in the video below, self-driving cars may not always detect motorcycles splitting lanes in California. The video below features a Tesla, and each self-driving automobile manufacturer likely has its own, differing technology (even Tesla, apparently, has already announced an improvement in its self-driving related technologies). Of course, human beings are far from perfect […]

MD Bike of the Year: Kawasaki Ninja 400

We rode lots of interesting new motorcycles this year. Among them was Honda’s incredible, redesigned Gold Wing – a bike we carefully considered in evaluating our BOTY. In the end, we decided a more significant introduction, at a dramatically lower price-point, should take the win. Light, relatively simple and inexpensive motorcycles have grown in popularity […]

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