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2014 Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS: MD Long-Term Ride Review

You can call it ‘common wisdom,’ ‘group think,’ ‘Zeitgeist’ or maybe even ‘mob mentality,’ but as a product ages, the general narrative about it solidifies into a widely held belief. When it comes to V-Stroms, the narrative went, the 1000 is a pretty good bike, but the 650 is so much lighter and fun to […]


You Are Still Invisible

Every 3.5 years (we are a little late), we re-publish the “Being Invisible” article first published by MD on Janaury 28, 2007. Feel free to comment if you have other suggestions, or simply disagree with our thoughts on how to stay safe. Note that the article was not meant to address gear (helmet, jacket, boots, etc.) […]


KTM Announces 1290 Super Adventure; Official Launch at Cologne

Undoubtedly bowing to the pressure imposed by the publication of numerous spy photos, KTM has acknowledged the existence of a new 2015 model, the 1290 Super Adventure, and released the official picture above. Without too many details, KTM released the following statement on its blog, which points out not only the larger engine (obviously a […]


Midual Resurfaces in Carmel With Unique Flat Twin Design

Way back in 1999, we wrote about the unique Midual flat twin placed lengthwise in a motorcycle design that appeared headed for production. In 1999, French brothers Olivier and Francois Midy relied on English designer Glynn Kerr for their simple presentation of a 900 cc motorcycle. While the old Midual never quite made it into production, […]

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