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First News on Performance of 2000 KX125 and YZ125

2000 KX125

An inside source (an engine tuner at one of the top after-market tuning companies in the world) has told MotorcycleDaily that they have tested the year 2000 KX125 and YZ125 with interesting results.

According to this source, the 2000 KX125 is “night and day” faster than last year’s stock bike. The new model apparently has much better low-end — something missing from last year’s bike. This is good news for Kawasaki fans, many of whom love the sweet handling chassis of the KX125, but have been waiting for Kawasaki to make the stock motor more competitive.

The year 2000 YZ125 also “rips”, with minor changes improving the already awesome stock power of Yamaha’s class leading bike.

Check back with Motorcycle Daily for future updates on these bikes and other year 2000 motocrossers.