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More Thoughts/Corrections Regarding AMA Superbikes vs. The World

Yesterday’s MD article contained at least one mistake regarding Frankie Chili. Chili did in fact ride in the FIM GP’s between 1986 and 1991. I have to thank MD reader “Quickcat” for his e-mail pointing this out.

Additionally, MD wants to add that the writer of this article saw a tape of the 1999 Isle of Mann TT races last evening on Speedvision in the United States. After watching this tape, and thinking about the fact that Carl Fogarty held the lap record on the Isle of Mann for many years, we wanted to make sure that readers understand we mean no disrespect to Fogarty. Let’s amend yesterday’s article to state that Fogarty definitely is a great rider. Anyone who can get around the Isle of Mann that quick, and win three World championships, is special.

If the rumors are true that Anthony Gobert will be Fogarty’s teammate next year, it will be extremely interesting. Fogarty has consistently beaten Troy Corser (another extremely fast rider and former World champion), and has openly predicted he will consistently beat Anthony Gobert.

Fogarty clearly has tremendous heart, skill and desire, but he remains a somewhat controversial figure. Although revered by most of his British fans, other fans just as passionately dislike him. Some people feel he was overly aggressive in passing Frankie Chili during a race in last year’s championship, perhaps ending Chili’s title hopes. Chile nearly started a fistfight after that race, and the two have never been on speaking terms since.

Gobert, known as being extremely talented, fast and inconsistent, has worked on his consistency this year and seems very serious about winning a World championship (see his comments in MD’s July 6 interview). As we said, it should be interesting.