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Honda’s New 2000 XR50R

2000 Honda XR50R

2000 Honda XR50R

Here at MD, we don’t like to forget the kids. After all, it was as kids that the mystery of motorcycles and motorcycle riding captured us, and even addicted us. An addiction we never got over.

XR50R without plastics

XR50R Frame View

Honda hasn’t forgotten the kids either. For the year 2000, Honda has introduced an all new 50cc four-stroke off road bike for kids – the XR50R.

Honda has taken the bullet-proof reliability of its Z50R motor, including its 3-speed transmission and automatic clutch, and wrapped it in a whole new chassis with styling reminiscent of the bigger XRs and CRs.

We have to hand it to Honda for throwing some serious engineering at this class of motorcycle. It not only features an entirely new frame and swing arm, but an all new single rear shock absorber, and aluminum hubs – not to mention the “durable plastic fenders which are nearly indestructible”.

Now I’ll tell you what you really need to know. When you teach your little guy (or girl) how to ride a motorcycle, look for the following attributes in a motorcycle:

1. Comfortable ergonomics that fit the rider.
2. Simple and reliable operation.
3. Predictable handling.
4. Virtual indestructibility (kids crash alot).

If you have any doubts Honda engineered these features into the Z50’s successor, you’ve been on another planet. After all, these same things (with the exception of the indestructibility part) can be said about most of Honda’s “grown-up” bikes, like the CBR 600F4 or the VFR 800 Interceptor.

Your kids will want “cool” looking and fun. You can trust Honda has that covered too. Just go out and rent a dirt bike video that shows Jeff Emig and his pals parking their factory motocrossers to have a Z50 race in the backyard.