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KTM’s New-Generation Four Stroke Machines


2000 KTM 400SX

This is the first official photograph of KTM’s new generation 2000 four stroke. This is the 400 SX model, which KTM states “is aimed squarely at becoming the leader in 400cc four stroke competition motocross machines.” Production bikes are scheduled to be available in January of 2000.

If you’ve been following the development of this new generation four stroke, you’ve heard about how light, fast and competitive these machines are – the prototype of this machine has already won the World 400cc Enduro Championship.

This teaser photo, released with KTM’s press materials on their 2000 two stroke dirt bikes, was not accompanied with official prices or specifications. It will be available in both 400cc and 520cc displacement, as both an SX (motocross race only) and E/XC (enduro/cross country). The E/XC is described by KTM “as the lightest electric start off road racer ever to grace the ground it will fly over.” KTM goes on to say that “this will be the top choice of YZ WR owners that wanted a real competitive package, with the convenience of electric start.” The E/XC models will also be available in January, 2000.

The E/XC models, with lights, large muffler/spark arrestor and electric start, are rumored to weigh precisely the same as a stripped-for-motocross YZ 400. The 400 SX (and the 520 SX), particularly if they lack electric start (something KTM has not indicated at this point), should be substantially lighter than a YZ 400.

These new four strokes should share suspension and brakes with the already released 2000 two stroke models.

WP 43mm Forks

KTM’s New WP 43mm Forks

KTM's Unique New Brake Disc

KTM’s Unique New Brake Disc

New front forks appear on all year 2000 KTMs. The new forks are WP upside down 43mm (pictured here) units. They should be substantially lighter than last years 50mm conventional forks, and provide more precise steering (particularly for motocross use).

The brake discs (both front and back) are a brand new design (also pictured here). They are a flower shape which reportedly keeps both the caliper and disc cleaner.

Other chassis changes, which should be shared by the new four strokes, include lighter hubs, larger front axle, and re-valved PDS rear suspension system.

The new four strokes are reportedly not only light, but also compact, slim, and highly maneuverable (due, in part, to a very low center of gravity – lower than a YZ 400). These bikes are the first real competitors for Yamaha’s YZ 400, and it will be interesting to see how they stack up once production versions are available to test.