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Doohan Discouraged By His Slow Recovery And May Retire

Recent press reports indicate that five-time 500 GP Roadracing champion Mick Doohan is increasingly discouraged by the slow rate of recovery from his injuries incurred earlier this year at the Spanish round of the GP series in May. Doohan had given himself three months to fully recover from those injuries, and the surgeries necessitated by them, but it has now been four and one-half months and Doohan has lingering problems that may require yet additional surgery.

Doohan continues to have problems with strength in his left hand and arm — critical to a racer trying to control the vicious power of a Honda NSR500 GP bike, such as Doohan’s. Most recently, Doohan had surgery to remove a plate and screws placed in his forearm and wrist during his initial round of surgeries following the accident.

Doohan has indicated that he must make up his mind quickly as to whether he will race again or not. He may make an announcement regarding his future at the Philip Island, Australia round of the GP Roadracing series coming up this weekend. MD will watch this story closely and keep you informed.