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Fogarty Goes 1/2 at Hockenheim and Wraps Up Championship

Carl Fogarty (Ducati) won his fourth World Superbike Championship today at Hockenheim, Germany, placing first and second in the two races. Fogarty had an almost error free year, while his closest competitors couldn’t keep pace with the Ducati master.

Finishing second to Fogarty in the first race was Aaron Slight (Honda). Slight finished third in the second race, with Pierfrancesco Chili (Suzuki) winning race two.

With one round remaining, Fogarty has in insurmountable 107-point lead over second place Troy Corser (Ducati) and third place Colin Edwards (Honda). Corser and Edwards are just four points apart in their battle for second place in the championship.

Race 1 Results (Top 10)

1. C. Fogarty (Ducati)
2. A. Slight (Honda)
3. A. Yanagawa (Kawasaki)
4. C. Edwards (Honda)
5. N. Haga (Yamaha)
6. G. Lavilla (Kawasaki)
7. K. Fujiwara (Suzuki)
8. P. Goddard (Aprilia)
9. I. Jerman (Kawasaki)
10. V. Guareschi (Yamaha)

Race 2 Results (Top 10)

1. P. Chili (Suzuki)
2. C. Fogarty (Ducati)
3. A. Slight (Honda)
4. A. Yanagawa (Kawasaki)
5. C. Edwards (Honda)
6. A. Meklau (Ducati)
7. T. Corser (Ducati)
8. G. Lavilla (Kawasaki)
9. N. Haga (Yamaha)
10. K. Fujiwara (Suzuki)

Superbike World Championship Points Standings (after 12 of 13 rounds) (Top 8)

1. C. Fogarty (Ducati); 458 pts.
2. T. Corser (Ducati); 351 pts.
3. C. Edwards (Honda); 347 pts.
4. A. Slight (Honda); 320 pts.
5. A. Yanagawa (Kawasaki); 267 pts.
6. P. Chili (Suzuki); 233 pts.
7. N. Haga (Yamaha); 179 pts.
8. G. Lavilla (Kawasaki); 154 pts.