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Suzuki Introduces Three New Off-Road 400cc Four-Strokes

DR-Z400S Dual Sport

DR-Z400S Dual Sport

Suzuki has introduced three new middleweight off-road bikes, designated the DR-Z400, DR-Z400E and DR-Z400S. Although not direct competitors of the Yamaha YZ400 motocrosser, the new Suzuki 400s nevertheless represent a substantial step forward in terms of performance, components and weight versus Suzuki’s now-discontinued DR350 models.

In addition to an advanced, 4-valve, double overhead cam, water-cooled engine, the DR-Z400s feature a 49mm, fully adjustable fork, lightweight electric start (in the DR-Z400E and DR-Z400S models), high-grade aluminum swing arm and aluminum sub-frame, aluminum hubs and rims, and other serious, lightweight components.

Is a four-stroke motocrosser on its way from Suzuki? We’ll have to wait and see, but the DR-Z400 appears to be a solid foundation from which Suzuki could build a YZ400 competitor.