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Gobert Will Ride Two Remaining 500 GPs

Anthony Gobert has indicated that he has a deal to ride the two remaining rounds of the 500 GP championship for MuZ. Since leaving the AMA Vance & Hines Ducati team last month, Gobert has ridden two 500 GP rounds, crashing out of the first and finishing 19th in the second.

Gobert is trying to make what is perhaps the most difficult transition of all. The four-stroke, two cylinder Ducati is one of the easiest race bikes to ride. The power comes on very smoothly and controllably. The Vance & Hines Ducati also uses Dunlop tires, which are known for their forgiving nature.

Gobert is riding a V-4, 500cc, two-stroke, which is a class of motorcycle that has, perhaps, the most violent power delivery of any race bike. Compounding his transition problems is the fact that the MuZ wears Michelin rubber, rather than Dunlops. The Michelins, although they have lots of grip, break away much more suddenly and violently than the Dunlops do.

Last time Gobert tried his hand at 500 GP racing (several years ago with Suzuki), he crashed repeatedly and broke his collarbone more than once. He now has a metal plate holding one collarbone together. In light of this, we believe Gobert is cautiously approaching his new ride to avoid injury. We’ll see if he can run near the front of the GP pack before this season ends.

In an interview conducted by MD three months ago, Gobert stated that his ultimate goal has always been to be 500cc GP World champion (something he’d like to accomplish at least three times in his career). In light of this, it is little wonder that Gobert jumped at the chance to race 500’s rather than return to Superbike racing. Nevertheless, Gobert apparently has not signed a contract for next year, and his future plans are in doubt.