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Kawasaki Not Likely to Update ZX-7R Anytime Soon

Rumors out of Europe indicate that Kawasaki will not introduce a new ZX-7R anytime soon. Apparently, Kawasaki is waiting for final changes to both World Superbike and FIM GP racing rules. GP rules may allow four-strokes as large as 1000cc to race against 500cc two-strokes, and World Superbikes are finalizing rules involving the use of limited-cost race kits, in order to reduce the cost to privateers of becoming competitive with factory teams.

For over two years, rumors have spread that Kawasaki was about to introduce a highly revised, super-lightweight, fuel injected ZX-7R. If the latest rumors are true, there will still be quite a wait before a new 7R goes no sale.

By the way, the 5-year-old ZX-7R is arguably still the best handling and fastest inline four-cylinder superbike in both world and AMA competition. Just look at the recent results of Akira Yanagawa and Doug Chandler. Despite Yamaha’s huge investment in the R7, for example, Kawasaki’s 750, more often than not, defeats the R7.