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MD Forms Alliance with Tom Morgan Racing

In just over three months, MD has developed a large, loyal readership here on the Internet. Building on that, MD intends to cooperate with selected superstars from the world of dirt bikes, street bikes and cruisers in order to bring our readers practical insights they can’t gain anywhere else. The first relationship formed by MD in this regard is with Tom Morgan, owner and operator of Tom Morgan Racing in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Who is Tom Morgan? A lengthy biography is contained in TMR’s site, and a prominent link to that site is contained at the top of MotorcycleDaily’s home page. In brief, Tom had a long and illustrious career with Team Kawasaki. Tom was the chief mechanic to Jeff Ward and Mike LaRocco, for example, during years when each rider won National Championships.

In the early 1980’s, Tom played an important role in designing and building full “works” motocross machines, which were later replaced under the AMA’s “production rule”. All in all, Tom’s riders won seven AMA National Championships and countless Supercross and National Moto wins.

Tom formed Tom Morgan Racing in January of 1995. TMR provides motocross engine modifications and suspension modifications for riders of all levels, from beginners to pros.

Tom’s advice and support has been sought by many of the top pro privateers. This year, for example, Tom tuned Mike Craig’s KX125, which holeshot more than one National moto. In 2000, Heath Voss will rely on TMR engine and suspension modifications in the AMA 250 Supercross and Outdoor National series.

Tom has his own dyno equipment, which allows him to extract every last bit of horsepower from his modified machines (we’ve ridden two of them, a 2000 KX125 and KX250, and they rip — more about that in a later article).

More than anything, MD sought out a relationship with Tom because of his integrity and reputation for quality and exacting standards. To call Tom a “perfectionist” is probably an understatement — just ask his wife Susan, who can never get him to come in for dinner while he is working on a bike in his shop.

What are you, the MD reader, going to get from MD’s relationship with Tom Morgan? We will soon be building a page dedicated to Tom’s advice on motocross machine set up, covering recent model year KXs, YZs, CRs and RMs.

What are your most common questions about your new motocross bike? Jetting? Suspension settings? How often should you re-ring your top end? How often should you completely rebuild your top end? What can you expect to gain from engine and suspension modifications to your specific bike? Tom will discuss all of these questions, and more, on a page of Motorcycle Daily in the near future. We want MD and Tom Morgan to be your source for that critical information you need when you get ready for your next race or pleasure ride.