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THQ U.S. Open This Weekend in Vegas

Below are some of the odds set for this weekend’s THQ U.S. Open, consisting of two nights of racing inside the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Last year’s racing was somewhat disappointing, involving a track so tight that passing was almost impossible. A good start meant a good result, and a bad start meant hopelessness.

Jeremy McGrath will not race this weekend. Obviously, he was invited, but rumor has it McGrath wanted “start money”. In the last few years, McGrath has been able to demand significant start money (for events other than AMA Supercross races). For instance, it is not uncommon for McGrath to receive $50,000.00 just to show up for a race in Europe, whether he wins or finishes last.

Also this weekend, Ricky Carmichael begins season number two on a 250 indoors. His first season was a disaster. He showed flashes of brilliance (he beat McGrath in the first race at Anaheim, and beat McGrath in a San Diego heat race before suffering a huge gash in his thigh in the main event — his foot peg tore a hole in his body). The season went decidedly downhill from there for Carmichael. To say he never won a race is simply leaving out the gory details.

In any event, this is purportedly the “richest” motocross race in the world. Last year’s winner received $100,000.00.

Rider Friday Morning Odds
Kevin Windham (Hon) 3:1
Ezra Lusk (Hon) 4:1
Ricky Carmichael (Kaw) 4:1
Mike LaRocco (Hon) 7:1
Damon Huffman (Suz) 9:1
Robbie Reynard (Suz) 10:1
Jeff Emig (Yam) 12:1

Ryan Hughes (Hon) 20:1
Travis Pastrana (Suz) 20:1