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Buell Developing VR1000-based Sportbike

Motorcycle News of England reports Eric Buell has admitted that a sportbike
utilizing Harley-Davidson’s VR1000 engine is in developement. As you may know,
the VR1000 is a V-Twin motor utilized by Harley-Davidson to power it’s AMA Superbike –
currently ridden by Scott Russel and Pascal Picotte.

The VR1000 motor is actually quite impressive, as confirmed by racer/journalist Alan
Cathcart, who has ridden all of the major superbikes (both WSB and AMA), and reports that
the Harley motor is not only competitive, but powerful enough to win races. Picotte has put
the Harley on the podium this year in AMA Superbike.

Harley produced a street-legal VR1000 several years ago in limited quantities. The streetbike
was extremely torquey and fast, but ungodly expensive ($50,000+). Only the minimum number of bikes
required for AMA homologation were produced and sold.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted when we hear more.