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Honda V-6 X-Wing Revealed At Tokyo Show

Honda's Prototype X-Wing
Honda’s Prototype X-Wing V-6

Last week Honda displayed its prototype V-6 sports tourer – the X-Wing. Describing the futuristic-looking 1500cc machine as a “near future” design, Honda all but admitted a production model is around the corner.

Appearing more like a successor to the ST1100 than a rumored Hayabusa killer, the X-Wing was described by Honda in this way in a brief release:

“Speeding down Europe’s autobahns like a wind from the alps, this near-future sports tourer is powered by an exceptionally smooth-running V6 engine. Its adjustable fairing provides superb aerodynamic performance, and its elegant shape proves the maxim that form does indeed follow function. Featuring a next-generation Combined Brake System plus ABS, an electronically controlled Traction Control System, a multifunctional navigation system and internet-capable display monitor, and a two-way rider/pillion communication system, this machine is a showcase of state-of-the-future motorcycle technology. Safe, clean, efficient, and comfortable, the X-WING raises tandem touring to truly new levels of elegance and performance.”

These are two black-and-white images made available by Honda over the Internet. If we receive a color photo, we’ll put it up.