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Colors and Specs for 2000 Kawasaki ZX-9R and ZX-6R (Pearl Purplish Black Mica?)

ZX-9R Pearl Purplish Black Mica><br /><b>ZX-9R Pearl Purplish Black Mica</div>
<p>These are photos of all four colors (two each) available in the U.S. market for the year 2000 ZX-9R and ZX-6R.  Also, below are the final specifications for both U.S.A. models.<br />
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The 2000 Kawasaki ZX-9R was discussed extensively in an earlier MD article <a href=here. The 2000 ZX-6R has fewer changes than the 9R, but they are nevertheless significant. Among those changes is a redesigned combustion chamber, which increases compression from 11.8:1 to 12.8:1 (extremely high for a street bike) necessitating the use of 90 octane (U.S. standard) minimum gasoline. Other engine changes include a new intake tract, narrower valve angles, a more powerful 16-bit microprocessor which adjusts timing from sensors at the crankshaft, and new stick-type ignition coils that are lighter and more compact than conventional ignition coils. The Twin RAM Air intake system is redesigned with larger ducts at the front of the fairing, which create higher pressure in the airbox.

To reduce the weight of the new 6R, the cylinder head cover, oil sump pan and clutch cover are now magnesium instead of aluminum, and the crankshaft is lighter. The swingarm is also new and lighter.

Both front and rear suspension settings have been revised for improved ride and handling, and the front brake calipers are new, with revised pads, for faster and more controllable braking.

Of course, the 6R also receives a redesigned fairing, with new, dual headlights. We are sorry that Kawasaki did not give us official photos looking directly into the 6R’s face, but you can see our earlier 9R photo here, and the 6R is virtually identical.

These are just some of the changes in the new ZX-6R. Most noticeable may be the claimed reduction of weight to 379 pounds (in the ballpark now with the Yamaha R6 and Honda CBRF4) and the new, wider, 180 section rear tire.

ZX-9R Lime Green/Metallic Violet Royal ZX-6R Lime Green/Ebony ZX-6R Firecracker Red
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