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Buell and the Single Cylinder; Would You Believe a Ride Review?

Harley-Davidson is hardly synonymous with innovation. It creates a new motor and a new
motorcycle about every twenty-five years (a little more frequent of late).

Buell (which is now largely owned by Harley) isn’t much different using a relatively ancient air
cooled Harley motor in its sportbikes. Buell, however, is very close to releasing its single cylinder
“entry level” bike. Spy photos and rumors are starting to fill the internet, most notably at The Single Cylinder Gazette.

Given the overwhelming response to our singles article on October 5, we know there’s pent up
demand for a single, but what kind of single? Probably a high performance single – not an entry level
bike. What type of single is Buell going to deliver?

By all indications, Buell will be introducing a single aimed at entry level riders. Will it be extremely
light weight? Probably not. Will it have a high power to weight ratio? Probably not.

Buell’s strategy of releasing prototype bikes to MSF courses (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) has
lead to at least one ride review (see the web site referenced above). The bike is described as well
balanced and (probably) unexciting.

Who’s going to build that super-light weight, cutting-edge, high-horsepower single so many of you
lust after? It doesn’t look like Buell is going to do it, but Buell may have a winner on its hands
nonetheless. Entry level riders are looking for street bikes that aren’t fifteen year old designs. There
are lots of entry level riders (and lots of women entry level riders) who want low seat heights,
relatively light weight, and un-intimidating power. It looks like Buell is about to deliver what they
want – but probably not what you and I want.