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Where’s Anthony . . . A Sad Waste of a Great Talent

Anthony Gobert may be one of the greatest natural talents in motorcycle racing. He can win, too . . . when he feels like it, when he’s not 25 pounds overweight, when he shows up for races, and when he’s not getting busted for drugs by the AMA or the FIM.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Anthony Gobert was conspicuously absent from last Sunday’s 500 GP results. Where’s Anthony? Turns out he didn’t show up for the final GP of the year (sound familiar?). This time, his excuse was that he had the flu, and he apparently forgot to tell his team about it. Could be that Anthony blew his chance at a contract to race 500 GP’s with MuZ next year. Whatever — Anthony is a happy go lucky guy, and he’ll find something to do.

After literally toying with the AMA Superbike competition throughout most of the 1999 season, Gobert seemed to get bored. He was already looking at the 500 class, and planning his ascendancy to the 500 GP World Championship. He just forgot to do a couple of things along the way, including train, develop loyalty to his team, and, oh yeah, show up for all the races.

The 500 GP series needs somebody like Anthony Gobert to shake things up. He’s colorful and even likable (believe it or not). The key phrase is “somebody like” Anthony Gobert. Not Anthony Gobert himself … unless he can reinvent himself. We’ll see.