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Pasadena SX Results

First of all, I’d like to apologize for the incorrect information in my article on Thursday. Not
only did Travis Pastrana ride the Pasadena World SX, he won the 125 main! Ernesto Fonseca came from
mid-pack to challenge Pastrana for the lead, but he couldn’t keep up with the blistering pace set by
the Suzuki rider. In fact, Fonseca had several near-crashes while trying to stay with Pastrana, including
a slip-up in a rhythm section which had him being dragged by his bike for several seconds before
he managed to remount without stopping. Pastrana certainly showed that he has the speed to be a front
runner in the 2000 East Coast 125cc AMA Supercross series.

250cc Main Event

1. Ezra Lusk
2. Larry Ward
3. Jeremy McGrath
4. David Vuillemin
5. Jeff Emig
6. Ryan Hughes
7. Mike LaRocco
8. Sebastien Tortelli
9. Mickael Pichon
10. Damon Huffman

125cc Main Event

1. Travis Pastrana
2. Ernesto Fonseca
3. David Pingree
4. Tyler Evans
5. Danny Smith
6. Isaiah Johnson
7. Nick Wey
8. Travis Preston
9. Chris Gosselaar
10. Don Upton