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Marchesini Wheels + Inverted Paioli Fork + Braced Swingarm + Pirelli Dragon Corsas = A Cruiser?

Confederate Motorcycles has been around since 1991 and is perhaps ahead of it’s time. If you remember our article on Yamaha’s
stunning, new MT-01
, you see the trend coming towards light, minimalist power cruisers.

Well, guess what – Confederate Motorcycles is already making such beasts. Would you believe a 100ci V-Twin with sportbike suspension,
wheels, tires and brakes – weighing in at less than 470 pounds! That’s the claim for Confederate’s new CSA model, the PLC Wildcat.

Confederate makes an assortment of these V-Twin monsters. Some of the motors are 120ci! Trouble is, the prices are just as monstrous. With
Confederate models averaging $30,000 “out the door”, the new CSA models are the “budget” bikes – at $20,000 and up. Hey, Italian forks and wheels
aren’t cheap, whether you find them on a sportbike or a power cruiser.

Check out Confederate’s well-done website – the PLC Wildcat is, in my opinion, their best looking bike.

The entry of Yamaha, and, inevitably, the other Japanese manufacturers, into this segment will be interesting for several reasons. The character and
custom quality of bikes like the Confederate models will be difficult, if not impossible, for the Japanese to match. The Japanese versions will undoubtedly be
cheaper, however, with greater dealer support and parts availability.