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Metzger Wins FMX Triple Crown

Pace Motorsports, promoter of the AMA supercross series, recently organized a freestyle motocross series dubbed the Vans Triple Crown of Freestyle Motocross.

Jumping on the freestyle motocross freight train, Pace recognizes the explosive growth of this sport and posted, along with title sponsor Vans, $175,000.00 in prize money for a short, three series “triple crown”. The three events took place in San Diego, Anaheim and San Francisco, California.

With two rounds at each venue, a total of six rounds completed the series. Mike Metzger, the talented, tatooed, freestyle jumper who has been made famous by a number of popular videos (including the recent “Crusty” videos), won the overall championship while wining three of the six rounds. Second place in the series went to Brian Deegan, with third place going to Clifford Adoptante.

With the series covering less than a month in time, the over $37,000.00 won by Metzger was impressive. Money is now pouring into the freestyle motocross scene, with riders like Metzger also benefitting from lucrative clothing contracts (Metzger rides for No Fear clothing company). Just two years ago, Metzger, who had minimal success as a motocross racer, was riding and racing with very little money and very little support. Times change.