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A Polar Shift To Motorcycling

It wasn’t too long ago that most “mainstream” companies wanted nothing to do with
motorcyclists and motorcycling. What a difference a few years make.

With the exploding popularity of motorcycling and the rising demographics of “Generation X”,
corporate America is jumping on the motorcycling bandwagon in a big way. The latest and
greatest example is General Motors the automobile behemoth.

Chevy Trucks (owned by General Motors, of course) is sponsoring every AMA motorcycling
event and series it can get its hands on. “Bang for the buck” is the corporate cry at Chevy Trucks
as it gains sponsorship control of prestigious motorcycling events in the United States (elbowing
out Mazda Trucks in one instance).

If you want proof that motorcycling is “cool” and on the rise, this is it. General Motors is
frequently the last corporation to “get it”, but even GM recognizes motorcycling is now deserving
of its corporate sponsorship.

The mixed feelings return – motorcycling was once a quaint, insider’s sport here in the United
States. Pit access was easy, and you could talk directly to the stars without crowds around.
Those days are already over, and it is getting worse (better?) with crowds increasing, money
increasing (some of it from Chevy) and the atmosphere changing. Oh well, take the good with the
bad as they say.