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Jimmy Button Improves Dramatically

The McGrath family is close to Jimmy Button (he may be Jeremy’s best friend). Tracy McGrath was apparently at the hospital late last evening, and she posted the following message on the internet this morning at 1:30 a.m. The message speaks for itself, and we’ll quote it word for word.

Ok everyone,
I am so happy to be the bearer of this wonderful news!! I just returned from the hospital …. Jimmy has had an incredible day!
He’s sitting up quite a bit, today was his first day with absolutely NO morphine! He’s back to the old Jimmy, funny as heck! He can lift his arms up … and out (like he’s going to to the chicken dance (-:) He has feeling in his right arm and has tingling in his left arm, which he did not have last night! He lifted his legs off the bed today, and if you bend his knees up closer to his body, he can push them back out … hard! The docs said this morning that his diaphragm muscles are fully working, and things are looking good!
Your thoughts and prayers are working!! I took the book of e-mails to him today, and he had the BIGGEST smile!! He was very happy to have received those … in fact, Kristi, his girlfriend, read the whole book today. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart … all of your contributions are so appreciated! Keep them coming!
Take Care and Stay Safe
Tracy McGrath

To send Jimmy an e-mail of encouragement, use this link.