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Jeff Emig Update

With all the rumors going around on the net about the extent of Emig’s recent injuries
(see MD’s December 31 article), I contacted Emig’s longtime
friend Launi DiMaggio to find out the truth. Launi, owner of Hairy Situation hair salon in
Wildomar, is often known as the “Hairdresser to the Stars”. I’d like to thank her for taking
time to answer my questions about Jeff.

Launi stated that Jeff’s arms were broken just above the wrist, not in the wrist joint
as some rumors say. Doctors put 6 pins in one arm and 4 in the other, presumably to be removed
sometime in the future. Emig will spend about 6-8 weeks in his current casts before a return to
his doctors for re-evaluation and possible fitment of new casts. It is possible that Emig may
return in time for the final few rounds of the Pace Supercross series, depending on how quickly
he recovers from his injury. He should be back in time for the AMA Outdoor National series later
this year.

If his recent win at the US Open race in Vegas is any indication, Emig is faster right now than he has
been in several years. Assuming he is able to make a full recovery from his injuries, Emig could be a strong
contender for the 2000 Outdoor National Championship.