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Vuillemin Wins Round 4 of AMA Supercross Series

The AMA Supercross series visited Phoenix, Arizona this evening for Round 4 in front of another sell out crowd. Both the 125 and 250 main events were exciting (for a change) with each winner decided in the last few laps.

It’s probably too early to shout “The King is Dead, Long Live the King!”, but David Vuillemin (Yamaha) won his second straight 250 Supercross main event this evening (in even more convincing style than his victory last week in San Diego). This evening he chased down Jeremy McGrath, passed him, and pulled away for the victory. McGrath seemed stunned on the podium, and stated he simply couldn’t run Vuillemin’s pace once he was caught and passed.

Kawasaki’s Ricky Carmichael grabbed the holeshot and led for several laps before being passed by Timmy Ferry (Yamaha). Carmichael seemed to get a “second wind” on about lap 15, when he picked up the pace and re-passed Ferry to take the third space on the podium. Mike LaRocco (Honda) charged through the pack after a poor start for fourth place. Ferry faded to fifth place.

All in all, this was the most exciting 250 main event this year.

In the 125 main event, several of the top riders crashed. Ultimately, Casey Lytle (Honda) came through for the victory, with Shae Bentley (Kawasaki) second and Travis Preston (Suzuki) third. Lytle, who had a decent start, held on to defeat Bentley, depite Bentley’s mad charge through the pack from 20th place at the end of the first lap. Preston had the holeshot and led at least ten laps of the race before surrending to pressure from Lytle and Bentley.

In the points race, the lead of Jeremy McGrath has been cut to two points over David Vuillemin, with Mike LaRocco just six points behind Vuillemin.

David Pingree (Yamaha) leads the West Coast 125cc point chase with Greg Schnell eight points back in second.

Next week’s race will be in Houston, Texas.

125cc Main Event Results (Top 10)

  1. Casey Lytle (#30 – Honda)
  2. Shae Bentley (#104 – Kawasaki)
  3. Travis Preston (#34 – Suzuki)
  4. Billy Payne (#195 – Kawasaki)
  5. Jiri Dostal (#717 – Honda)
  6. Rodrig Thain (#120 – KTM)
  7. Travis Elliott (#716 – Honda)
  8. Jason Thomas (#51 – Yamaha)
  9. David Pingree (#35 – Suzuki)
  10. Erick Vallejo (#79 – Kawasaki)

125cc Points Standing (Top 10 after 4 of 16 rounds)

  1. David Pingree (70 pts.) (Kawasaki)
  2. Greg Schnell (62 pts.) (Yamaha)
  3. Tallon Vohland (61 pts.) (Suzuki)
  4. Shae Bentley (58 pts.) (Kawasaki)
  5. Jeri Dostal (47 pts.) (Honda)
  6. Rodrig Thain (46 pts.) (KTM)
  7. Casey Lytle (46 pts.) (Honda)
  8. Travis Preston (44 pts.) (Suzuki)
  9. Billy Payne (43 pts.) (Kawasaki)
  10. Danny Smith (40 pts.) (Honda)

250cc Main Event Results (Top 10)

  1. David Vuillemin (#934 – Yamaha)
  2. Jeremy McGrath (#1 – Yamaha)
  3. Ricky Carmichael (#4 – Kawasaki)
  4. Mike LaRocco (#5 – Honda)
  5. Timmy Ferry (#15 – Yamaha)
  6. Greg Albertyn (#7 – Suzuki)
  7. Sebastien Tortelli (#21 – Honda)
  8. Kevin Windham (#14 – Honda)
  9. Damon Huffman (#20 – Suzuki)
  10. Stephane Roncada) (#26 – Yamaha)

250cc Points Standing (Top 10 after 4 of 16 rounds)

  1. Jeremy McGrath (90 pts.) (Yamaha)
  2. David Vuillemin (88 pts.) (Yamaha)
  3. Mike LaRocco (82 pts.) (Honda)
  4. Kevin Windham (66 pts.) (Honda)
  5. Ricky Carmichael (62 pts.) (Kawasaki)
  6. Sebastien Tortelli (59 pts.) (Honda)
  7. John Dowd (47 pts.) (Kawasaki)
  8. Timmy Ferry (46 pts.) (Yamaha)
  9. Damon Huffman (43 pts.) (Suzuki)
  10. Greg Albertyn (43 pts.) (Suzuki)