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Jimmy Button Auction Update

The Jimmy Button benefit auction will start tomorrow at 6:00PM PST at Chaparral
Motorsports in San Bernadino, California. The following press release from Chaparral’s
Dorina Groves gives information on online bidding.

Bids at Live Auction will start with highest bids from Online Bidding. Upon conclusion of the Live Auction, results of highest bid and recipient of item along with money due (shipping/handling will be added to amount) will be posted at the following day. If an online bidder is the recipient of the item and paying with credit card, they need to call Chaparral’s mail order phone number and give card information.

Upon authorization, auction item will be shipped to recipient. If any online recipient is going to pay with check, cashier’s check or money order, it must be made payable to Jimmy Button
Benefit. When Chaparral receives the recipient’s check, the item will be shipped to them.

I apologize to Online Bidders if description of item is not incredibly detailed, but I had over 200 items to post by midnight to give bidders a full two days to check out items available and make their bids.

1 – Online bidders can go to

2 – click on “yahoo auctions”

3 – if they don’t already have one, they will need to register for a Yahoo I.D., but it is free

4 – once registered, click on “options” right next to “search” bar

5 – on options page, do search by “seller”

6 – enter buttonfly_auction and this will take them to the site.

If anyone has any questions, Yahoo offers a “ask seller question” option – they can ask there or send me an email to me at