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Kawasaki Announces

According to press releases received by MD today, beginning April 5, 2000, Kawasaki will be the first in the “motorized recreational products field” to offer a host of e-commerce opportunities to its retail customers and dealers through

This web site will offer consumers the opportunity to shop for vehicle accessories, clothing and gear online. They can also access warranty and recall information concerning Kawasaki products, and see the full line of parts offered by Kawasaki dealers.

Through an additional dealer-only component of, dealers can order parts and accessories directly from Kawasaki. gives motorcycle enthusiasts a glimpse of the future. Someday, perhaps, no matter what brand of motorcycle you own, you will be able to access all of the detailed information you need concerning parts and accessories over the Internet. You know those little “microfiche” parts pictures and diagrams your local dealer has? Even that level of detail will someday be available on the Internet. Kawasaki is about to take a big leap in this direction, and, by doing so, Kawsasaki will help push the industry as a whole toward a higher level of customer service and convenience through the Internet.