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AMA Supercross Round 5: McGrath Back on Top

Jeremy McGrath (Yamaha) rode flawlessly all night in Houston, Texas – holeshotting
his way to an easy victory over second-place Ricky Carmichael (Kawasaki) and third place
David Vuillemin (Yamaha). Last week’s winner, Vuillemin, worked his way up to third place
after a mediocre start, but both McGrath and Carmichael were long gone by then. McGrath
stretched his points lead over Vuillemin going into Round 6 next week.

In the fifth round of the 125 West Coast supercross series, Kawasaki’s Shae Bentley continued
his progression up the podium to first place. Although Bentley has looked like the fastest rider
on the track the last two weeks, poor starts have kept him out of first place. Tonight, a mid-pack start
saw Bentley run down and pass the leaders, and then stretch his own lead to a comfortable margin at
the end of the race.

Bentley was followed by David Pingree (Suzuki) in second and Rodrig Thain (KTM) in third. Pingree
maintains the championship points lead, with Bentley moving into second.

125cc Main Event Results

  1. Shae Bentley (Kawasaki)
  2. David Pingree (Suzuki)
  3. Rodrig Thain (KTM)
  4. Casey Lytle (Honda)
  5. Isaiah Johnson (Honda)
  6. Jiri Dostal (Honda)
  7. Billy Payne (Kawasaki)
  8. Justin Buckelew (Yamaha)
  9. Mark Burkhart (KTM)
  10. Travis Preston (Suzuki)

125cc Points Standings

  1. David Pingree (Suzuki) 92
  2. Shae Bentley (Kawasaki) 83
  3. Greg Schnell (Yamaha) 69
  4. Rodrig Thain (KTM) 66
  5. Casey Lytle (Honda) 64
  6. Jiri Dostal (Honda) 62
  7. Tallon Vohland (Kawasaki) 61
  8. Billy Payne (Kawasaki) 57
  9. Travis Preston (Suzuki) 55
  10. Robbie Horton (Suzuki)44

250cc Main Event Results

  1. Jeremy McGrath (Yamaha)
  2. Ricky Carmichael (Kawasaki)
  3. David Vuillemin (Yamaha)
  4. Greg Albertyn (Suzuki)
  5. Mike LaRocco (Honda)
  6. Larry Ward (Kawasaki)
  7. Kevin Windham (Honda)
  8. Damon Huffman (Suzuki)
  9. Sebastien Tortelli (Honda)
  10. Timmy Ferry (Yamaha)

250cc Points Standings

  1. Jeremy McGrath (Yamaha) 115
  2. David Vuillemin (Yamaha) 108
  3. Mike LaRocco (Honda) 98
  4. Ricky Carmichael (Kawasaki) 84
  5. Kevin Windham (Honda) 80
  6. Sebastien Tortelli (Honda) 71
  7. Greg Albertyn (Suzuki) 61
  8. John Dowd (Kawasaki) 57
  9. Timmy Ferry (Yamaha) 57
  10. Damon Huffman (Suzuki) 56