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More New Bike Rumors

There seems to be a general consensus in the press that Suzuki is feeling pressure to manufacture a big-bore sport bike. A successor to the GSXR1100, in effect. The pressure comes, of course, from the increasing popularity of the “liter class” sport bikes, including Yamaha’s R1, Honda’s new CBR929RR, and Kawasaki’s ZX-9R.

Rumors abound that Suzuki is developing such a bike. The displacement? We’ve seen discussion of everything from 900cc to 1100cc, but an 1100 makes the most sense, given the classic displacement of the big-bore GSXR. The problem with an 1100 is the size and weight of the motor. The next most logical displacement would be the largest displacement possible that could be wedged into the new GSXR750 frame (or slightly modified frame).

Another rumor making the rounds is Kawasaki’s decision to finally introduce a successor to its ZX-7R street model, expected to go on sale in the 2001 model year (and be introduced at one of the fall, European bike shows later this year). Kawasaki certainly has its work cut out for it, given the light weight and performance of Suzuki’s all new 2000 GSXR750. Kawasaki’s current ZX-7R was already 70 pounds or so heavier than the 1999 GSXR750 — before Suzuki lopped another 29 pounds off that bike. There is a good chance that Kawasaki will feature fuel injection on the new ZX-7R.