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Pichon Wins Portuguese 250 Motocross GP; Hughes Injured

Mickael Pichon (Suzuki) won both motos yesterday at the Portugal 250 Motocross GP, taking the overall victory with Pit Beirer (Kawasaki) second overall (2/2) and Mickael Maschio (Kawasaki) third (4/3).

American Ryan Hughes (Honda) injured his wrist in practice, and was in too much pain (despite painkiller injections) to race. Initial X-Rays failed to reveal any broken bones in the wrist, but the pain level indicated that a break is a possibility, and further tests will be conducted on Hughes today in Germany.

After two rounds of the 250 championship series, Pichon has a 17-point lead over second-place Beirer, with privateer Gordon Crockard (Honda) in third.

250cc GP Results (Top 10)

  1. Mickael Pichon (Suzuki) 1/1
  2. Pit Beirer (Kawasaki) 2/2
  3. Mickael Maschio (Kawasaki) 4/3
  4. Joshua Coppins (Suzuki) 5/6
  5. Paul Cooper (Husqvarna) 7/5
  6. Frederic Bolley (Honda) 3/13
  7. Justin Morris (Yamaha) 6/10
  8. Claudio Federici (Yamaha) 8/9
  9. Yves Demaria (Yamaha) 28/4
  10. Collin Dugmore (KTM) 13/7

250cc GP Points Standings (After 2 Rounds)

  1. Mickael Pichon (Suzuki) 70
  2. Pit Beirer (Kawasaki) 53
  3. Gordon Crockard (Honda) 44
  4. Mickael Maschio (Kawasaki) 41
  5. Paul Cooper (Husqvarna) 40
  6. Frederic Bolley (Honda) 35
  7. Joshua Coppins (Suzuki) 32
  8. Yves Demaria (Yamaha) 30
  9. Ryan Hughes (Honda) 20
  10. Justin Morris (Yamaha) 19