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Triumph’s 2000 TT600 Receiving Rave Reviews

The press intro for Triumph’s TT600 was held in Europe recently, and we have seen three different reviews of the bike. Each of them is extremely favorable.

We hope to have a chance to ride the bike soon, but, for now, you should know that the handling is reportedly superb (at least one reviewer calling it the best in the class), the brakes outstanding (more than one reviewer calling them the best), and the motor near the top of the class (particularly above 9000 rpm).

Alan Cathcart, the noted British journalist, is one of the reviewers whose reports we have seen. Cathcart flat out states the bike is superior to Suzuki’s GSXR600 and Honda’s F4, both on the road and on the track. He also says the R6 has the edge on the track, and the ZX-6R may have the edge overall, but not for all riders.

It will be interesting to see if this bike is well received by the United States press (all of these reviews were written in Europe — actually, in England). It will also be interesting to see, over the long haul, whether Triumph transfers this newfound, cutting-edge design expertise to other bikes (including the rumored 1000cc in-line four-cylinder R1 competitor).