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Details of Jeff Emig’s Glen Helen Crash and Injury

During open practice at Glen Helen Motocross Park in San Bernardino, California yesterday, four-time National champion Jeff Emig’s throttle stuck open approaching the face of the finish line jump, launching Emig and his bike very high (just missing the finish line banner — according to reports). Emig had to bail off the bike, falling a great distance and seriously breaking his right tibia and fibula (lower leg). It is also reported that Emig fractured a vertebra in his lower back, and is scheduled for surgery today.

After Emig’s storybook comeback at the U.S. Open of Supercross — where he won the $100,000.00 first place prize over several factory riders — just weeks after being arrested and fired by Kawasaki, he’s had horrible luck. Breaking both arms before the start of the Supercross season, Emig had just started practicing again approximately three weeks ago. This serious injury certainly threatens Emig’s career, and our best wishes go out to him.