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2001 Honda CRs Announced

For those of you who pay attention to the details, you know that Mike LaRocco raced much of the 2000 AMA Supercross season with a 20 inch front wheel, and that Sebastien Tortelli raced occasionally last year with one. What you didn’t know is that Honda is offering an optional 20 inch front wheel on both its 2001 CR125R and CR250R.

The 20 inch wheel, from what I have heard (including statements by Honda’s Ryan Hughes), offers better traction while braking for corners, as well as through the corners, and a cushier ride (taller sidewall equals more shock absorption). Negatives? I haven’t heard of any, but there are undoubtedly some trade offs.

Other changes to the 2001 CRs are less significant — the most important one may be the debut of a Mikuni TMX carburetor on the CR250R (the 125 switched to Mikuni last year, while the 250 stayed true to Keihin). New porting, exhaust pipes, suspension valving, spring rates, etc. — more of the normal changes.

Here are links to the complete dealer “Features and Benefits” lists and “Specifications” for the CR125R and CR250R for 2001.