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Jimmy Button Update

The following note from Jimmy Button’s mother, posted on several internet chat boards, indicates Jimmy is working hard with a physical therapist and making significant progress. We are so happy to hear this, but keep your letters (and email) of encouragement flowing to Jimmmy (we’ll post a physical address and an email adress for your cards and letters later today).

“On June 23rd Jimmy was released from rehab in Arizona. He’s now back in California working with a sports therapist in Encinitias. The therapist thinks he will have Jimmy back to normal in about 4 months. We are praying that he is right. He now has therapy 6 days a week. The drive to Encinitas is 2-3 hours a day round-trip depending on traffic, so he’s pretty wiped out when he gets home. He just continues to push hard everyday. His goal is to be back on a bike by January.

This past week they worked on getting range of motion in his neck, and he now can turn his neck from side to side. Before that he had very little motion in his neck due to the halo and neck brace having been on so long. Once they got movement back in his neck he regained some feeling in the bottom of his feet. They were able to increase the range of movement in his right wrist. So all in all he had a very good week, especially since the first 3 days were nothing but evaluation.

He’s getting stronger every week and his appetite seems to be getting better. He needs to gain about 25 more pounds.

I’ll send out another update in a few weeks. Anita”