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2001 Suzuki GSXR600 Preview

As expected, Suzuki’s 2001 GSXR600 will look virtually identical to the 2000 GSXR750, with two primary differences. First of all, the 600 features an unbraced swing arm (the 750s is braced), and the 600 has conventional forks (the 750 has upside-down forks).

The ergonomics appear identical. This means the GSXR600 will have an even more radical riding position that Yamaha’s R6, for example.

The motor will be fuel injected (also, like the 750). Featuring Suzuki’s extra butterfly valve, for smooth off/on throttle transitions, the Suzuki should have more than competitive horsepower. Given the outrageous horsepower produced by the 750 (for its displacement), you can expect the 600 to lead the class in horsepower next year. With approximately 98 horsepower at the rear wheel (115 at the crank), the GSXR600 would out-power (although, not drastically) other current 600s.

The weight of the machine should be somewhat lighter than the GSXR750, but not by much. The 750, at a claimed 365 pounds, is already lighter than every 600. Expect the 600 to be a few pounds lighter than this (approximately 360 pounds).

We’ll keep you updated as we receive more information on Suzuki’s new 600.