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Motocross/Supercross Rider Rumors

With all the speculation about Jeremy McGrath’s future, it now appears that McGrath may simply be a Yamaha factory rider next year. That’s right, no McGrath-owned team, simply a factory rider, operating out of the same big rig as teammate David Vuillemin. We’ll see.

Yamaha rider Stephane Roncada, who has been tearing up the 125 class this year (most recently in the Outdoor Nationals), is rumored to be joining Kawasaki next year as Ricky Carmichael’s teammate. Furthermore, Roncada reportedly will get his wish and be a full-time 250 rider (unless he can carry the number one plate outdoors on a 125).

What about Kevin Windham? Has Suzuki signed Windham to a six-year deal? Suzuki’s all new RM250, particularly with the retirement of Greg Albertyn (see our story on July 26, 2000), is begging for a talented rider, and Kevin Windham might be it. In any event, this is the current rumor.

Sebastien Tortelli, another top rider who is unsigned for next year, may end up staying with Honda, although his future is certainly not known at this point.

Next year should be interesting, and we will keep you posted as we hear more about rider changes.