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Rumored Supercross/Motocross Rider Changes for 2001 Season

Here are the latest rumors regarding the biggest names unsigned for supercross/motocross duty next year in the United States.

Kevin Windham is still considered a shoe-in for an American Suzuki ride on the all-new 2001 RM250. Windham is purportedly looking for a long-term contract. Windham has been with the Honda team, but did not cope with the pressure well at Honda. Windham has great natural ability, and a team change might help psychologically, and that is really what Kevin needs.

Honda’s Sebastien Tortelli has reportedly re-signed with Honda to race in the United States again next year.

Stephane Roncada, who won the East Coast 125 Supercross Series and is leading the AMA 125 Outdoor National Motocross Series on a Yamaha of Troy machine, has confirmed on his own web site that he has signed a two-year deal with Kawasaki to race a 250 in both AMA supercross and motocross.

Seven-time AMA Supercross champion, Jeremy McGrath, is still rumored to be riding a factory Yamaha next year — but not out of the Yamaha factory team semi. McGrath will reportedly have his own team. Personally, I am not sure that McGrath has settled on Yamaha, and he may still be negotiating with Yamaha and at least one other manufacturer for bikes. McGrath will be running an independent team, however.

More news/rumors as they become available.