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More on the 12R

Yesterday’s article prompted quite a response from our readers. Several of them mentioned a Cycle Canada article on the “ZX-12R versus the Hayabusa”. The Cycle Canada issue is apparently either September or September/October.

In any event, according to one reader, a very scientific approach was taken to measuring the aerodynamics of both the ZX-12R and the Hayabusa, with the Hayabusa being significantly more aerodynamic. According to this reader, at 300 kilometers per hour (approximately 186 miles per hour), the Hayabusa needs 147.6 horsepower to push itself through the wind resistance, while the ZX-12R needs 161.3 horsepower at the same speed.

If the Hayabusa and the ZX-12R have essentially the same top speed (or very close), this simply means that the ZX-12R makes significantly more horsepower than the Hayabusa (something borne out by several dyno tests), and would be a more powerful “real world” bike (quicker almost everywhere except at insanely high speeds). It also indicates the Kawasaki may have traded rider comfort for aerodynamics — most people believe the ZX-12R provides better wind protection.