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Honda Lets Nicky Park the 600

With Nicky Hayden’s announced signing by Honda for next year’s roadrace team, the most interesting part of the announcement concerns Nicky’s role with the 600 supersport machine — it is very limited.

Nicky clearly wanted to stay off the 600 next year and concentrate on the superbike. Honda, just as clearly, wanted Nicky to race its CBR600 F4 supersport machine alongside Miguel Duhamel. In fact, Honda has always, in recent memory, required its superbike racers to race the 600, as well. Miguel Duhamel, during his superstar status on the superbike, always rode the 600, for example.

This just illustrates the bargaining leverage young Nicky Hayden has with the manufacturers, not just Honda. His talent is so prodigious he can almost “name his price and his terms”. In any event, congratulations to Honda for re-signing the most talented youngster in the world of motorcycle roadracing, and congratulations to Nicky for getting what he wanted in the process.

I should note, however, that Nicky will ride the 600 at Daytona next year — a single appearance during the season (similar to Doug Chandler’s agreement with Kawasaki).