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2001 Honda Las Vegas Models: Gold Wing and 600F4i (Motocrosser on the Way)

Honda just announced its remaining new models for the 2001 model year. They include the new Gold Wing, the new CBR600F4i, redesigned XR100R, XR80R, and XR70R — and a new 750 cruiser, the Shadow Spirit 750.

Honda also announced that its long-awaited, four-stroke motocrosser is in development and will be raced this coming season. Honda has not announced a production or delivery date for this model, however, and no pictures or specifications were released.

The 2001 CBR600F4i is, in effect, the “sport” model in Europe. The “standard” 600 will not be sold in the United States. This model will feature all of the improvements described in our article dated September 12, 2000, including the fuel injection system, redesigned body work, and increased frame and swingarm strength and rigidity. The MSRP is $8,199, and Honda claims the bike will be available at your dealer in January of next year.

The 600 will come in three color schemes, including pearl white/red; metallic silver/black; and red/black. Dry weight of the U.S. model is stated to be 370 pounds — roughly five pounds lighter than last year’s bike. Most of this weight was removed from the important, unsprung wheel area.

Honda’s 2001 Gold Wing features a massive 1832cc flat six-cylinder engine — according to Honda, the largest capacity production engine available in a motorcycle. With computer controlled fuel injection, five-speed transmission (plus electric reverse) and shaft drive, expect the Gold Wing standard — smooth, torque-laden power delivery and rock solid reliability.

The big news with the new Gold Wing (aside from its massive engine) is the aluminum, twin-spar frame and single-sided aluminum swingarm. The new Gold Wing is actually ten to twenty pounds lighter than last year’s models despite the massive increase in engine displacement. With dramatically increased rigidity, and lighter weight, Honda’s claim of much-improved handling is very believable.

Available at your dealer this November, the 2001 Gold Wing has an MSRP ranging from $17,499 (for the standard model) up to $18,999 (with optional paint and ABS system). The 2001 Gold Wing will be available in four different colors, including pearl blue, pearl yellow, black and illusion red.