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Honda’s Ultimate Standard: The CB1300SF

Let’s face it, Honda invented the modern, in-line, four-cylinder, four-stroke street bike, and our readers named it motorcycle of the century. That’s right, I’m talking about the 1969 CB750. But where is Honda’s retro-standard now?

In the United States, we have Kawasaki’s ZRX1100 (soon to be the ZRX1200). We also have the Suzuki Bandit and Yamaha’s new R1-based standard, the FZ-1. If you want a standard motorcycle from Honda in the United States, you’re stuck with an outdated 750.

In Europe, Honda has the big, CBR1100XX-based standard called the X-11. We don’t get that here in the States. Although a naked “standard” style motorcycle, the X-11 is anything but a classic design — its style is rather strange, in fact.

Honda also makes a bike that is reminiscent of its classic CB750, i.e., the CB1300 Super Four. The photos on this page are of the Japan model CB1300 Super Four. In my mind, admittedly tainted by my fond memories of the 1969 CB750, it’s a work of art. Available in the three colors shown (including the black and red on our home page), the bike puts out 99 horsepower and 89 pound feet of torque. Nothing to write home about in the current era of superbikes, but enough horsepower and, certainly, enough torque to provide some significant thrust around town — and what styling!

Note the trick, suspension linkage system controlling each of the retro-styled rear shocks. Honda put a lot of effort into the CB1300SF, and it ought to be bringing it to the U.S. Maybe some day.