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Honda’s XR650R Wins Baja, Once Again

Honda finished first and second in the amazing Baja 2000 (actually, 1726 miles) held this last weekend. Led by the team of Johnny Campbell (who logged his fourth consecutive victory in the prestiguous race) and teammates Tim Staab, Steve Hengeveld and Craig Smith, the big Honda four-stroke averaged 55.74 miles per hour.

Honda also took second place overall (ahead of all truck entries) with another XR650R ridden by the “legends team” consisting of Bruce Ogilvie, Chuck Miller, Gary Jones, Bob Rutton, Paul Osbo and Bob Johnson.

When I heard that the length of this year’s race would nearly be doubled to 1726 miles, I knew it would be the ultimate test of machine reliability. You have to hand it to Honda and its relatively new XR650R for passing this test, yet again. You also have to be impressed by the riders, and their incredible endurance and skill.

What about the old guys on the “legends team”? Amazing.