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Will the Real Ezra Lusk Please Stand Up?

We left Ezra Lusk out of our supercross preview article and took some heat from our readers as a result. The truth is, we just don’t know which Ezra Lusk will show up at Anaheim next Saturday night for the opening round of the AMA Supercross Series.

His injury at the start of last year’s supercross series, and his poorly executed comeback toward the end of the outdoor nationals, makes Ezra a big question mark this year. Of course, it wasn’t long ago that Ezra was a threat to win every time he rode onto a supercross track, and was really the only rider ever to occasionally dominate Jeremy McGrath.

We haven’t heard too much about how Ezra has been riding in practice, and he didn’t show up for either of the SoCal supercross warmup races last weekend, at Glen Helen and Perris.

If Ezra is healthy and strong, and fully recovered from his most recent injuries, he could seriously mess up our predictions. We hope he does.