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Honda CRF450R Motocrosser: Single Overhead Cam, and 225 Pounds Dry

This press release just in from Honda concerning its four-stroke motocross prototype, which will begin AMA competition at the first 250 Outdoor National on May 13, 2001 at Glen Helen. Honda’s claim of 225 pounds dry should convert to roughly 235 pounds wet, with no fuel. Pretty light, but not much different from KTM’s 400/520 SX models.

“The Honda Racing Corporation has disclosed additional details
about the prototype four-stroke competition motocross motorcycle that will soon
be racing in the U.S.

Called the CRF450R, the racing bike features a single cylinder four-stroke 449cc
engine with a bore and stroke of 96.0mm x 62.1mm. The four-valve cylinder head
utilizes a single overhead camshaft that acts directly on the two intake valves
and, via a forked rocker arm, the two exhaust valves. The benefit of this
design is a reduction of mass (elimination of one camshaft and rocker arm
assembly) while maintaining accurate valve timing.

Like Honda’s high tech CR125R and CR250R, the CRF450R uses a specially designed
twin-spar aluminum frame and swingarm. Dry weight is 102kg or approximately
225 lbs.

The CRF450R is scheduled to begin competition in the American Motorcyclist
Association’s Outdoor National Motocross series beginning May 13 at Glen Helen
Raceway in San Bernardino, California. American Honda will announce the rider
at a future date.

Information concerning the highly anticipated production version of the CRF450R
has not been disclosed.