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Three Cylinder Triumph Daytona On Its Way

Triumph is indeed releasing a highly revised three-cylinder Daytona 955i later this month. You may recall that Triumph is also rumored to be working on a four-cylinder, big-bore sportbike (see our article dated January 5, 2001). It was our opinion, and the opinion of many others, that Triumph should stick to the three cylinder format, rather than competing head-on with the Japanese in the four-cylinder big-bore sportbike market.

The new bike will be roughly thirty pounds lighter, and feature a double-sided swingarm (the current model has a single-sided swingarm). Power is reportedly up to 149 horsepower (at the crank). The new Daytona will reportedly be shown at a British bike show later this month. We’ll try to bring you photos as soon as they are available.