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Honda’s GP1 Effort: More Details Emerge

Honda Test Rider Shinichi Itoh

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Pictured above is Honda test rider Shinichi Itoh aboard the Honda four-stroke GP protype, while testing at Suzuka. Our latest information indicates that Daijiro Katoh will be one of the riders of the four-stroke racer in the GP1 2002 championship. As you probably know, Katoh is currently dominating 250 GP with five victories in six rounds.

We also present here incredibly detailed photos (click to enlarge) of the state-of-the-art four-stroke power plant developed by Honda for this championship. These are new photos of the current state of the Honda design.

Obviously, the engine is asymetrical, with three smaller cylinders in front, and two larger cylinders in back. The cylinder angle is 75.5 degrees, and peak horsepower is expected to be achieved at approximately 15,000 rpm. The engine has electronic fuel injection, a dry clutch, six-speed transmission (casette style) and four valves per cylinder (20 valves in all).

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