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Scott Russell’s Return to Riding

As reported on CycleNews.com over the past few days, HMC Ducati’s Scott Russell has been riding lately, including a stint at Virginia International Raceway on his Ducati Superbike. According to CycleNews.com, Russell completed 50 laps, with a best time of 1:29.02, less than 3 seconds off the pace set by Honda’s Nicky Hayden and Kawasaki’s Eric Bostrom at the same test.

Russell apparently has a long way to go in his physical rehabilitation, with his biggest obstacles being a lack of strength in his left arm (badly broken in the accident at Daytona earlier this year, and the subject of recent bone graft surgery) and a lack of feeling/motion in his left foot.

Nevertheless, Russell’s comeback is phenomenal. Few, if any, industry observers expected Russell to return to riding this season (whether competitive riding or otherwise) following his horrendous injuries on the start line at Daytona following a re-start of the race. Russell apparently intends to continue practicing with his Ducati team, and even return this season to race at Virginia International Raceway on September 30.

We wish Scott the best of luck, and marvel at his toughness (both mental and physical) and determination.