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MotoGP Should Spawn Exotic Street Machinery

Motorcycle News of England has reported that the Honda UK boss has stated Honda should produce a V-5 sportbike with links to the V-5 MotoGP machine Valentino Rossi will ride next season. Expect machines from Suzuki (V-4) and Aprilia (in-line 3) mimicking their MotoGP engine designs, as well.

When will these machines appear in dealers’ showrooms? Probably, not for at least two years. Also, you need to keep in mind that, based on racing experience, manufacturers could quickly change their MotoGP engine design, and head in a different direction. For example, if Aprilia’s three-cylinder (with its corresponding, significant weight advantage over the 4s and 5s) shows performance advantages, Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha could all develop three-cylinder machines rather quickly for this prototype racing series.

In any event, open-class sportbikes will clearly be marketed with MotoGP engine configurations within the next few years — bringing some variety to a class currently dominated by V-twins and in-line 4s.