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Aprilia’s RS Cube Gets Ready

These are photos of the Aprilia MotoGP machine (dubbed the “RS Cube”) as it was ready for track testing earlier this week. Aprilia did a tremendous job of keeping this bike a secret until late last year, and appears ready to vigorously test before the opening of the MotoGP season on April 7 in Suzuka.

Like most Italian works of art, the bike has an elegant simplicity about it. On the surface of things, Aprilia has gone for the best engine configuration. A triple is the maximum number of cylinders permitted in the lowest weight category of MotoGP, and the Aprilia should take to the track with a significant weight advantage over the four and five cylinder machines being campaigned by Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki. If horsepower will not be an issue with any of these machines (as many suspect), the weight advantage will be a real one.

As we reported earlier, Regis Laconi will pilot the RS Cube in its inaugural season, with an outside chance that he will be joined by reigning World champion Valentino Rossi. As always in racing, keep your eye on Aprilia.