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Triumph Motorcycles Celebrates 100 Years, Record Sales and New Manufacturing Facility

What follows is a press release received from Triumph Motorcycles (America) Ltd. regarding their Centenial celebration, record sales for the company and the acquisition of a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Hinckley, England. Triumph holds a special place in the Editor’s heart, as he is still the proud owner of a 1996 Triumph Trophy — one of the first to be sold in the U.S. after John Bloor bought the Triumph name in 1983. See our articles dated September 5, 2001 and February 20, 2001 for an overview of the new 2002 models.

NEWNAN, Ga., – Triumph Motorcycles (America) Ltd, steeped in a rich history spanning 100 years of motorcycling, today announced its plans to celebrate this milestone along with other triumphs – a 40 percent increase in sales as well as the expansion into a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility – with a 100th year celebration motorcycle ride in June, 2002, titled Triumph Across America. With its rich legacy and current robust sales, Triumph is one of the most famous names in motorcycling on the streets today.

The first Triumph motorcycle emerged from a small factory in Coventry, England in 1902. Today, Triumph’s factory is located in a modern facility in Hinckley, England — just a short distance away from its birthplace. From its beginning, the popularity of Triumph grew – becoming the number one selling big-bore motorcycle in the 60’s. Triumph was the preferred motorcycle of Hollywood’s rebels starring with the likes of Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, Clint Eastwood and the legendary James Dean. In the late 70’s and early 80’s, like many other motorcycle companies, Triumph struggled and ultimately in 1983 closed its doors during the decline of the worldwide motorcycle market. That year, John Bloor, a successful English entrepreneur, acquired the Triumph brand name and began to assemble a team of designers and engineers to rebuild one of the world’s most prominent names in motorcycling.

The Re-Triumph of Triumph

“When acquiring the Triumph brand name in 1983, I knew that Triumph was a recognized name with motorcyclists,” stated John Bloor, owner and chairman, Triumph Motorcycles Ltd., “…however, the product was very much out-of-date and not capable of meeting the consumers’ performance and durability standards.” He continued, “Our aim was to reintroduce Triumph with advanced engineering and state-of-the-art technology along with modern styling.” In the years that followed under this new leadership, Triumph was totally rebuilt, introducing its first motorcycle in Germany in 1990 with three models of modular design. Today, Triumph has a line of twelve motorcycles that are distributed throughout the world. These motorcycles come with six different frames and five engine configurations ranging from twins, to triples, to four cylinders – all designed and built at the Hinckley facility.

“What continues to be one of the most satisfying accomplishments for us,” explained Mike Vaughan, chief executive officer, Triumph Motorcycles (America) Ltd., “is the fact that we are exceeding our goals of quality engineering and product excellence. The reception from American and world-market consumers, has been overwhelming and continues to grow.” Sales of new Triumphs have increased dramatically every year since their reintroduction into the US in 1995 and in 2001 – new unit sales were up 40% over the same time period in 2000 (and year 2000 sales were up almost 30% over 1999). The USA has firmly established itself as Triumph’s number one marketplace worldwide.

With locations in every state, Triumph has established a strong network of 210 dealers nationwide. Demand has risen to a level that Triumph has outgrown its original factory and an all new state-of-the-art factory will be online in 2003, with the capacity to produce approximately 50,000 units a year.

Triumph Across America

Triumph turning 100 years old is a monumental event that many people from around the world want to celebrate. “Not only is America the dominant world marketplace, but also
since the ’50s, Triumph’s number one market, and a significant part of the legend of
Triumph began here,” explained Mike Vaughan. “It is appropriate that the cornerstone of Triumph’s 100th celebration will include a motorcycle ride with enthusiasts across the USA.” Triumph Across America, will launch from New York City during the week of June 10th, travel up to New Hampshire; journey down through New England and across the mid-atlantic states; cruising through America to a celebration in California during the weekend of June 29-30.

Triumph Across America Overview:

  • Week of June 9-13: New York City – Launch / Ceremony
  • Friday, June 14: North Hampton, NH
  • Saturday, June 15: Depart: North Hampton, NH; Arrive: Danbury, CT
  • Sunday, June 16: Depart: Danbury, CT; Arrive: Port Clinton, PA
  • Monday, June 17: Depart: Port Clinton, PA; Arrive: Windber, PA
  • Tuesday, June 18: Depart: Windber, PA; Arrive: Lewis Center, OH
  • Wednesday, June 19: Depart: Lewis Center, OH; Arrive: Roseville, MI
  • Thursday, June 20: Depart: Roseville, MI; Arrive: S.Chicago Heights, IL
  • Friday, June 21: Chicago, IL area
  • Saturday, June 22: Chicago area to Janesville, WI; Arrive: Verona, WI
  • Sunday, June 23: Depart: Verona, WI; Arrive: Marne, IA
  • Monday, June 24: Depart: Marne, IA; Arrive: North Platte, NE
  • Tuesday, June 25: Depart: North Platte, NE to Longmont, CO; Arrive: Denver, CO
  • Wednesday, June 26: Depart: Denver, CO; Arrive: Salt Lake City,UT
  • Thursday, June 27: Depart: Salt Lake City, UT; Arrive: Reno, NV
  • Friday, June 28: Depart: Reno, NV to Sacramento, CA; Arrive: Mountain View, CA
  • Saturday, June 29: Depart: Mountain View, CA; Arrive: Southern CA
  • Weekend June 29- 30: Southern California – Closing Event Ceremonies