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Pre-Production Benelli Tornado Tre Receives Outstanding Review from Alan Cathcart

Just received my weekly edition of Cycle News this evening. In it, I find the first review of a pre-production Benelli Tornado 900 Tre by noted British journalist Alan Cathcart.

Along with the typically excellent reporting in Cycle News, this little gem of a first ride by Cathcart is extremely interesting. I won’t steal Cycle New’s thunder here (you should buy the issue yourself, and read the entire report), but Cathcart raves about the bike, calling it the “most soulful sounding streetbike I ever rode” and, to top it off, comments the Tornado “has the mark of turning out to be one of the great rides of the present decade.” If you know anything about Alan Cathcart, including his almost unequalled combination of riding skill and experience with bikes of all kinds (he is the only journalist in the world invited annually to ride all of the top 500 GP machines and all of the top World Superbike machines, for instance), you will begin to appreciate the enormity of these statements. The production Tornado goes on sale soon.